Camper Vans

Camper Van Services

The team at Fleetcare are specialists in Motor Home repairs. 

Before you leave home we recommend you follow the checklist below.



  • Check you have a current W.O.F or C.O.F and registration and road users are up to date

  • Check your service is up to date (extra checks are done that are not part off W.O.F & C.O.F safety checks) combining your service with W.O.F or C.O.F will save you money

  • Cancel the paper

  • Turn the oven off at the wall and gas off on the gas bottle

  • Ask NZ Post to hold your mail or get a neighbour or relative to collect it

  • Ask the neighbour or a relative to check the place regularly, if your away for a long period get someone to mow the lawns

  • Contact the insurance company and let them know (some insurance companies will void the insurance if they’re not notified)

  • Make sure your pets are cared for if you are leaving them behind

  • Let someone know were your going, what route your taking and what time roughly you’ll be there in case something goes wrong 


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  • Have your vehicle serviced even if it's got a current C.O.F or W.O.F.  Fan belts, oil levels, coolant, house and starting batteries etc aren’t part of those safety checks. Grease also prevents moving parts wearing out, we recommend every 6 months (you save money getting it done with your C.O.F or W.O.F)

  • Make sure you’ve got maps or a Navman type device

  • Check and fill diesel/petrol tank (if your using fuel cards make sure you know where the next fuel stop is)

  • If there are gas operated appliances on board make sure the gas bottles are full 

  • Stock up on can food and other long life foods (fridge space is always at a premium, remember you need room for the beer and wine)  

  • Make sure your fresh water tank is full and your grey and black waters are empty (try and find out in advance where dumping stations are located) you don’t want them over flowing

  • Have your tyre pressure checked regularly(including the spare) it could prevent getting a flat tyre in a inconvenient place and it effects fuel economy 

  • Make sure you have your phone and charging devices

  • Check you have a well stocked first aid kit on board

  • Make up a tool kit with screwdrivers, shifting spanners, duct tape etc… to fix little things

  • Have spare cash for emergencies hidden away some where