Vehicle Services

Vehicle Services

There is a BIG difference between an oil change & a service.

The words EXPRESS & SERVICE shouldn’t go together when you want reliability.


We have a comprehensive checklist when providing your vehicle with a service. Listed below are some of the checks that are covered during your service – for a full service check list please Contact Us today: (09) 438 8512

Check & gap spark plugs (including new plugs)

If gap is incorrect or plugs are fouled engine efficiency will slow down.


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All joints and nipples

Grease stops moving parts wearing out.



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Check wipers, washer operation and level

How often have you used your washer and it has been empty?



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Change engine oil and filter replace sump plug (run up & check for leaks)

Our competitors “EXPRESS” service.



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Check tyre pressure & condition 

Note 1.6mm is W.O.F pass.  Manufacturer’s say they are worn out.



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Just drop your car off at Fleetcare Ltd and we can drop you into Whangarei town centre.  If that doesn’t suit we can pick your car up and deliver it back.

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